Lardner Park – Agroforestry Site:Harvest Report

In November 2015, a number of the agroforestry plots established at Lardner Park in Gippsland were harvested.  The plots were established from  the late 70’s  with the objective of demonstrating Agroforestry techniques and determining the success of various species.

Management of  Larder Park Events, the Company which controls the site chose the organisation “Heartwood Plantations” to manage the harvest and market the products.  The attached document is the full report  of the harvest operation and the financial outcome.

The Pine and the Blue gum were pruned and thinned on time to maximise the growth of clear timber, but the Mountain ash was not managed as well.

Gippsland Agroforestry Network presents the report with the support of Lardner Park Events to provide the final information on the outcome of the demonstrations. GAN does not suggest that the results are anything more than the outcome of  single site demonstrations and the results should be evaluated as such. Nor does GAN suggest that “Heartwood Plantations” is a preferred operator amongst a number of forest management consultants.

Lardner Park Harvest Report 2015.